Sweat, poem(182/365)

I ran
I jogged
I lifted
Trying to exercise
My demons
Trying to sweat
Them out
Now I’m sleepy
Not a saint
Nor sinner
Just trying to
Figure it out
But not

from http://ift.tt/1liCtrz

Thoughts, poem (181/365)

Wondering about
Won’t change

from http://ift.tt/1jbytSy

Lonely trees, poem (180/365)

Do you ever think
Trees get lonely
And shake their leafs
In hopes someone
Will notice
In the distance
And wave back
Just a thought
I heard if
You talk to plant
You can make it grow
And wonder what
Silence does to trees

from http://ift.tt/1pek40x

Morning, poem (179/365)

Wanting to start the day
Eyes open
Energy up
Feeling great
Yell blessings

from http://ift.tt/1hTNebn

Thoughts and roots, poem (178/365)

Brain filled with everything
Grasping for something
Ideas become like friends
Sparking new memories
And exciting imagination
But if you don’t create
You won’t water the friendship
And the idea will wilt
You must harvest the garden

from http://ift.tt/1qCo9Jp

Second thoughts, poem(177/365)

You can’t cry
As she leaves
For you let her
I tell him
I watched her
Beg you
And beg you
And look for yes
In vague mumbles
And crutch of words
You can’t cry
As she leaves
Because you
Were the first
To go
So don’t
And stand firm
Keeping your lip
Unless your willing
To go
And get her

from http://ift.tt/1eCS6Sp

Mirror sight, poem(176/365)

Things may appear closer
I thought if I could jump
I would reach you
If I could extend
I would have you
If I stopped
You would catch me
But some things
Appear closer in mirrors
As I discovered

from http://ift.tt/1qsddOd

Look smaller, poem (175/365)

Sometimes the mundane
Is magical
If you look closely
You can see sparkles
In the same destination
You can see awesome
If you just go smaller
Look at the garden
Look at the flower
Look at the pedals
Look how it all just came
How is it that it all just knew to grow
Amazing all the miracles

from http://ift.tt/OSzuqk

Flys and light, poem (174/365)

I don’t know
Why the fly
Keeps going back to the light
It only took me
Getting burned
Once to realize
That your glow
Is dangerous
But it just keeps going
What does it see
That’s so worthy of burning

from http://ift.tt/1kyTGwB

Not sweating, poem (173/365)

I’m sorry I’m just too
Cool, calm and collected for you
I’m sorry that I don’t yell
At obstacles
I’m sorry that I don’t scream
At insults
I’m sorry that I don’t break
At failures
I’m sorry that nothing in my body
Seems to appear to be freaking out
Actually I’m not Actually that sorry
I’m not sorry at all
That I don’t crawl
Or hide, or flail on the ground
When everything goes
Because what’s the point
Of looking down
Trimming nails
Pulling hair
Grinding teeth
When it will work out
Look Up
So I am sorry
That you feel
Like I am way too
Calm, cool and collected
But stressing has
Never got me anywhere
But stressed, sick and psychotic

from http://ift.tt/1lS8whb